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Delivering Exceptional Personal Care Services for Seniors

At Assisting Hands Home Care Orlando, our commitment lies in providing seniors with unparalleled personal care services, allowing them to uphold their independence and dignity. Our team of skilled and compassionate in-home caregivers has undergone comprehensive training to deliver tailored care that caters to the specific needs of each individual.

Promoting Personal Hygiene and Grooming

Assistance with bathing, grooming, personal hygiene, and other tasks that may pose challenges with age

Assisting with Dressing and Style

Support in selecting suitable and comfortable attire while ensuring a polished appearance

Respecting Dignity in Incontinence Care and Toileting

Discreet assistance with toileting, management of incontinence products, and maintaining cleanliness

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Enhancing Mobility and Safety

Reliable support with mobility, including assistance in transferring from bed to a wheelchair, walking, and utilizing mobility aids

Ensuring Medication Compliance

Reminding clients to take prescribed medications at the designated times and correct dosages, while collaborating with healthcare professionals for seamless coordination

Catering to Nutritional Needs

Assistance with meal preparation, feeding, and careful monitoring of dietary requirements and restrictions

Reliable Transportation Services

Transportation to social events, medical appointments, and more


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