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Welcoming Seniors to a Better Lifestyle: Assisting Hands Home Care’s Extraordinary Companion Care

Assisting Hands Home Care Orlando takes pride in our exceptional team of in-home caregivers who specialize in delivering tailored companion care services for seniors. We understand that forging meaningful bonds, offering unwavering emotional support, and engaging seniors in mentally stimulating activities are crucial in cultivating their overall wellbeing. By opting for our companion care service, seniors can reap countless benefits that enhance their emotional and cognitive health, resulting in a higher quality of life.

What Does Companion Care Include?

Emotional Nurturing

Providing a warm and comforting presence to ease feelings of solitude, sadness, or worry

Cognitive Enrichment

Encouraging seniors to partake in activities that enhance mental agility and stimulate cognitive abilities

Social Connections

Enabling seniors to attend social gatherings, fostering meaningful connections with loved ones, and promoting active community involvement

Tailored Attention

Establishing a genuine connection with seniors, delivering personalized care that upholds their sense of worth, respect, and fulfillment

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